Rundown (5/03-5/09) Sad Land

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0 Zvezda Look at this sad little boy and his balls pathetic…I’m just really pissed at myself for so much. I know, I poke fun at myself for being kinda shit time and time again, but lately it’s been getting worse and worse and I don’t have anybody who I feel I can share any of this shit with. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that I thought I had conquered years ago, but I have not, and I truly do not think I will be able to get my shit together… at any point in my life. So, yeah, video games. (more…)

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NWS (2/10-2/16) Unlimited Colonies: Essentially Direct Controller of the Dar

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Nobody seems to notice, but I find this to be fun, so let’s go for another weekly segment where the game news is talked about. From the week of February tenth to the sixteenth. with another title I made up right before posting. Yip-yip, ya donkeys!

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