Rundown (2/26-3/04) Welcome to the Future, Kid

future-linkSo, at GDC this past week, some Nintendo developers showed off Hyrule Wars From The Legend of Zelda, a scrapped concept for Breath of the Wild that had aliens invading the land of Hyrule, also called Legend of Zelda: Invasion.  It’s a very peculiar concept to say the least, and featured concept art of what looks to be Ganondorf in a Metallica shirt, and concept sketches of Link in modern clothing riding on a motorcycle.  I know people are giving Breath of the Wild all the felacio its bulbous appendage can handle, but I would be far more interested in playing a Zelda game with a differing aesthetic rather than one I am am more likely to hate than love due to mechanical changes that freak me the flip out. Continue reading

Rundown (9/14-9/20) I’d like Some More Game News from Japan, Sir

281301-SweryFor some reason I thought the Sony pre-TGS stream was TGS itself, but I was wrong.  As my apology, I will provide a depressing fact about myself.  There is no area in my life where I feel I can be myself beyond this blog… yeah.  I am often wracked with insecurities I shove away and ignore, but regularly uncover them and grow incredibly depressed.  Ah well, fuck it, time for video game funtimes!  Also, here’s a picture of SWERY looking silly. Continue reading

SteamWorld Dig Review

2014-02-15_00006I believe that this is an unpopular opinion, and an odd one to come from a person who claims to be planning the purchase of a Playstation Vita this summer, but I really do not like playing on handhelds.  It is true that their portability allows for far more versatility in one’s life, especially if they do not have permanent access to a television at home, but when it comes to playing with a controller, I will never consider it anything above a substitute.  Yes, the dual screen aspect is nice and touch screens can be keen, but I could just get a dual monitor display running for the former, and a phone for the later.  Now then, time to review SteamWorld Dig.  Choo-choo! Continue reading