Rundown (7/22-7/28) Natalie Bought a Switch!

As I claimed I would a few months ago, I finally picked up my very own Nintendo Switch.  It was a purchasing decision I finalized after gaining a second job by sheer happenstance, but in buying both the system and the necessary items for me to properly enjoy it, I found up feeling a bit irked.  $255 for the system, $60 for a controller, $45 for Super Mario Odyssey, and $35 for an SD card.  Oh, but in order to get secondary systems to work with my setup in my bedroom, I also needed to get two male to male audio cables and an audio mixer, totaling $50.  Do the math like you’re Atari before they were bought by Infogrames and after they were sold by Warner Communications, and that’s $445. Video games, man. They’re expensive.
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