Rundown (5/29-6/04) I Made A Friend

KLK Happy Success Victory PraiseI’m not going to disclose details on this, but after a lengthy period of loneliness, I finally made a friend with someone on the internets.  All because they sent me an email asking about transwoman stuff.  And my goodness does it feel wonderful to have someone I can talk to about the minute details of my life, and someone who is comfortable enough with me to do the same.   Continue reading

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review

call-of-juarez-gunslinger-walkthroughIn retrospect, I really am not sure why I shoved this game onto my bucket list.  I guess the argument is that it was a quality game that I could see myself enjoying, but nothing about it stuck out to me and I don’t recall hearing about its existence prior to its release, where ti was well received.  Heck, the Call of Juarez series to me is encompassed by The Cartel, which is a game that involves choking strippers and misinforming people about sex slave trades.  But regardless, I decided to pick it up and play it after falling into a rut of titles that were as stimulating as being in a muck-like substance that smelled like soup.

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