Rundown (12/02-12/08) Transformation In Process!

As some of you may have noticed, over this past week I have been changing bits and pieces of this site around in an attempt to clean up the residual rubbish that pops up when running a website for… over 6 years.  Now, this is really just a change in title, the removal of old (bad) content, and little else, as I am still going to be updating this site with reviews, rundowns, and the occasional novel. If anything, this is a change made to facilitate this site’s future, as after spending the better half of a decade fumbling through this wackadoo writing experiment devised by 17-year-old me, there are some things that I really should revise.  I would also want to change the theme, but a lot of the alternative offerings are lacking in what I want, so I’m going to just stick with the theme I copied from Divine Intervention.  For now anyways.
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The Beginner’s Guide Review

20160910174237_1This game has been on my radar since it first appeared in late 2015, so naturally I proceeded to ignore it until it was conveniently placed in my hands, and long after the fuss and fervor about this game had passed.  Even though at the time of its release, I had already played and coincidentally adored The Stanley Parable, and was quite curious as to what one of the two people behind that game would do with their next project.  The results… were unexpected. Continue reading

The End Of 2014 Post

KLK Cute fun happy times with an elephant and bath swim time joy adorableSo, this year ended on a very busy note for me, hence why I have not been posting as much as I would like to.  I’m basically working full time for a month, have an hour commute each way, and basically run off of six hours of sleep.  Still, was this year good for me?  Yeah, I released seven novellas!  I thought two of them were crappy, and the rest had issues stemming from my lack of experience writing stories.  But this post is mostly to call out the games I played and loved this year, which really are few in number.  Yes, I enjoyed plenty of games, but those I loved, properly adored to a certain extent, were small in numbers, to the point where I lack ten. Continue reading

The Stanley Parable Review

2014-06-21_00001The Stanley Parable is a game I heard nothing but great things about, while still having not much of an idea what the game was beyond a fully story based game with multiple narrative branches based on the player’s actions in an eccentric office building devoid of human interaction beyond an omnipotent voice.  A description I find to be apt for the game beyond delving too much into what exactly entails with this interactive experience.  Yet that is part of the problem, as this interactive experience is designed around the player being given very little of an idea as to what entails in their journey, a journey that, chances are, will be different than others if only due to the manner in which it is experienced.  But I feel I can stretch this out beyond and introduction, so I shall. Continue reading