Rundown (10/19-10/25) That Illusive Shiny Gengar

shiny_gengar_pokemonOn Friday I did something I haven’t done in quite some time, and went into a GameStop.  It was so I could pick up a Shiny Gengar, and because I forgot to go last Friday.  I decided to walk there, even though the nearest GameStop is 2.5 miles away, but because I have never walked that far from my home before in my life, I got lost as I missed the street I was suppose to turn left on.  I did end up finding a GameStop, one that was not my destination, and they had run out of codes.  I found my way to my planned destination, and they were out as well.  Meaning I walked about seven miles for nothing.  Thankfully an employee told me to call Nintendo to get a code, so hopefully my ghost will be gotten yet.  If not, I’m probably going to get Diancie this week.

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