Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative Review

XCA Artwork Anger…Look if Destructoid reviewed Boob Wars, I can review Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative! I could use this introduction bit to explain my fascination with male to female transformation themes, but really it is a big fat bag of worms that I can put aside and look at something I paid money to play and look at critically. That, and I am pretty much asexual, so whatever jollies the game may have attempted did not cause their intended effect. (more…)

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Rundown (10/26-11/01) Either Be Productive or Be a Corpse

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XCA Gut PunchI’m really not sure what to say here. I guess I should say that there will be a review of X-Change Alternative this week, a title I purchased to feed a curiosity of mine that was not very satisfied. I did get limited edition Steins;Gate masturbation tissues though, which made the purchase of what will probably be my only physical PC game a bit worth it. For whatever reason I also bought X-Change 3, which is far less of a porn game then I would claim Alternative is. So I’m picking away at it and Sonic Adventure DX… What the hell do you mean by “relevant” games? (more…)

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