Rundown (1/20-1/26) The Next Level In Graphical Technology

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As someone who did not grow up with CRT displays, or at least they were phased out so early in my life that I genuinely cannot remember gaming on them, I developed a fondness for older games being emulated as sharply as they could be. Or in other words, I like older games to have big, chunky, and clean pixels or smooth blocky anti-aliased polygons, all projected in HD resolutions (without stretching). However, one of the problems with up-resing 3D games like this is the fact that most textures are very low resolutions, and remaking textures is a very intensive process. Yet just this past week I discovered of what could easily be described as witchcraft, as it is an AI neural network that can be used to recreate and remaster video game textures.

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Rundown (9/10-9/16) Video Games Can Hurt Sometimes

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So, I recently picked up Metroid: Samus Returns, and while I enjoy the game quite a bit, I have one resounding problem with the game that is not the fault of the game. It’s that the original model of the 3DS is downright horrible for action intensive games. Maybe I am just clenching the system too hard, or not distributing my fingers properly, but after less than an hour with the system my hands started getting sore as the system dug into my palms and my fingers contorted themselves into an awkward claw so I could press the miniscule shoulder buttons. Maybe I’m just getting old, seeing as how it has been almost 4 years since I played an action game on the 3DS, but… wow does it feel bad to use. (more…)

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Rundown (9/06-9/12) Chronologically Correct Sonic OSTs

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0 DR I have no fanfic bigotry jerk fuckwit good girlI am surprised that Sega has not tried to shut down Sonic World, as it is basically a refined and reworked best-of compilation of Sonic Adventure 1, 2, and Heroes, all games I grew up with and love in a way, even if they don’t play very well. But seeing that combined with enough care and autistic fan devotion to add in every possible playable character from Heavy and Bomb to Fang the Sniper makes me jitter in sheer disbelief that this is real. True, I only played two levels of the game as Knuckles before I realized that this game was definitely still in an alpha or pre-alpha state and put it down, but if it is ever completed, this fan-game may very well be the best Sonic game. (more…)

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Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick: Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 Review


…Yeah, I know. I already reviewed this game less than a year ago. I realized that I didn’t remember much of it at all when I talked about it’s successor, so I decided to dive back in, play it once more, and give reviewing it another shot because I had no direction back then, and only have a general one right now, not helped by comments that are negative, but lack any backing in logic as my only criticism as of late. Alright, let’s do this one more time.


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