Rundown (2/14-2/20) Somebody Be My Friend and Be My Side!

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1 Unknown Video Games Real Life…Yeah, not much to talk about this week. Yes, Kojima teased some fans by appearing at DICE 2016, and the launch of Street Fighter V upset a lot of people who did not expect the bare minimum from a game that will be built over the next four or five years. XCOM 2, which apparently is set after a failed run of Enemy Unknown, is apparently really buggy, and Sega gave away a bunch of Steam games because they felt like it. The Division had a beta that some people really enjoyed, even though I see little to no appeal in its general gameplay loop, and some other stuff happened, not much of it very interesting. (more…)

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Rundown (5/31-6/06) The Japanese Localization Building-School

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0 PGOS Racial Localization Friendship of JapanIn my dumb brain, companies like Idea Factory International, NIS America, Atlus, Aksys, XSEED, Sekai Project, MangaGamer, JAST USA, Carpe Fulgar, and anybody I’m forgetting all work in the same building located somewhere in California. The building is based off of the one blueprint that was used to build every high school in Japan circa 1950, and it is a complete mess. With random unlocalized games everywhere, old bootleg VHS tapes of “the hottest Japanimation”, a locker full of PSPs, this one incredibly disturbing classroom filled with full scale figures and body pillows, and dirty laundry that piles up every week until Jimmy clean up their blankets and graphic tees over the weekend. Then there’s Nana, who is just sad after spending three thousand hours a year playing everything this company produces, and is flat out disgusted by the tropes at this point. (more…)

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

xcom-enemy-unknown-7I think I prefer what I originally thought to be XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s development history. But no, instead of being a quickly made title to revitalize a decade dead brand after the almost complete failure behind another project originally intended to do just that, it was in development in 2008 with money and a 50-60 person team behind it. I say that because XCOM: Enemy Unknown feels like a small side project that should have been considered a bargain as it released for $40 in a crowded holiday season, but no. Also, I should probably add that I owned the Xbox 360 version of this game initially, but sold it after I was assimilated into the PC crowd that I was promptly shoved out of as I had brought a controller with me. (more…)

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Rundown (8/18-8/24) Gamescom’s Stealthy Groin Gripper

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Forgot This shipDid I ever have any idea what I was going to do with this? I just sorta started recapping big game news after I wanted to have something other than reviews. But now, I just sorta kept on doing this one weird thing that nobody in their right mind would use as the definitive news listing. Oh well, not gonna stop. As this only takes effort when I rummage through for the most fitting images I can be arsed to find. (more…)

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Rundown (4/14-4/20) A Clever Title That Was Wasted On Demon Sharks

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NR Unknown Shark Crab from hell awesome radical confusingYou know, I actually did have a bit planned for this opening shtick, but I decided that it would be better on another piece this week. So for now I shant speak a tidbit about bums, and will now just admire that header… thing’s hideous, right? Yeah… video games.


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