Rundown (7/26-8/01) Set Gamindustri on Fire and Beat Off on the Flames

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0 Jojo CEO paul marketting badnes oh dear gameinustri is on fire fuck the policeI know that it would be really hard, and the framerate would constantly plummet to 20 fps if one is lucky, but I really want to see a game where you can destroy all the buildings in it. Sure, there was Red Faction Guerrilla, but I want something like that set in a big modern city, as I get bored seeing the same darn sights when commuting every week and want there to be a game where you can cause collateral damage to millions and cost the city trillions as you destroy national monuments for the lolz. Instead the closest thing to what I want is No Man’s Sky, but I’m pretty sure the space cops will kill you if you try to dig a hole through the other side of the planet just to see how the game handles this. (more…)

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Rundown (7/12-7/18) A Disgrace to the Glorious Name of Autism

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0 Watamote The fuck you talking about porn bikes you neet go get shot you idiot why you existSo, I was hoping to start building a new computer soon, but my mother told me that I should put away 60-70% of my money instead of fifty-something, so that brought my funds down by about $600, so it will take a while to build up the additional $750 or so… I’m going to need to deal with my current computer for a while while trying to maximize my frugalness to avoid feeling a level of despair and inferiority, although I totally deserve that for being a disgrace to the glorious name of Autism. At least the state of Illinois is willing to pay for my college education and help me get a real full time adult job in a few years ‘cos my Autism is 100% official now. (more…)

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Spec Ops: The Line Review

SOTL - Concept Art (4)So, in January of 2013, I played Special Operative: The Safety Line and wrote something I had very little confidence in. A game I claimed to probably never play again, but that’s what I get for writing comments early in the morning. For whatever reason I did one better, bought a PC copy, and decided to play through it because… I guess I felt like it. Hopefully I can better deconstruct the game, even though I should make it clear that no matter how hard I may try, I still don’t quite get it.


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Spec Ops: The Line “Review”

Spec-Ops-The-LineNote: I re-reviewed this title in 2014. Please disregard this review.

Y’know, other than the amount of dissatisfaction when you realize that you are not putting out anything that people actually care about. The feeling of not having much to say is the worst part of my self imposed hobby/job. Its not just that people have said a lot after it was given a far closer look, and I’m late to the metaphorical party. It’s because how they clearly have more experience, since I’ve never even touched what one would consider to be a, “Modern Military Shooter”. So I’ll try something less conventional, and structure this review in accordance with how I was introduced to this game.

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