Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth – Phase 04

Disclaimer: This work contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, graphic violence, strong language, sexual violence against children, incest, cannibalism, mind control, forced transformation, unwarranted malice, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth
Phase 04: Re;Turn

When departing the house that served as their prison for the past five years, Vice neglected to make a number of reasonable precautions, ranging from tidying up the upstairs bathroom, closing the door to their former cell, and turning off the oven that steadily baked their former body. Yet the most glaring misaction was opting to leave the door open a smidget, allowing for any number of woodland dwellers to venture into this home and take it as their own. Aside from insects, most animals failed to realize this opportunity during the first two hours of Vice’s absence, but just as the clock passed 8:30 PM, an intrepid intruder slammed the door open.

Said intruder was none other than a young girl, no older than 7, and no taller than 120 centimeters. Her shoulder length black hair had been ruffled into a mesh of wavy knots that puffed up due to the rampant humidity outside. Dark tan colored skin was coated in a mixture of dirt, scratches, scabs, bug bites, and assorted boo-boos. While her clothes, a pink t-shirt with a green cartoon snake on it, a pair of plum colored shorts, and a pair of brown Velcro shoes that may or may not have brown when they were first bought, were all ruffled and torn in spots.

The manner in which she carried herself and stains of tears on her face made it obvious that something terrible had happened to her earlier today, and a glance into the recesses of her mind made her story all too clear. The young girl, named Abigale Quinata, and known to most as Abi, had left her home 14 hours ago in an impulsive attempt at running away, one that incidentally proved to be wildly successful given how she came from another town, located nearly 20 kilometers away.

She was a child in a vicarious position, being the only offspring of a couple that frequently traveled around the world for business, a move that caused their daughter a great deal of frustration, as she was unable to attend a given school for any more than a few months, or really make any friends. While her deeper memories did reveal a number of instances where she delighted in seeing the sights and sounds of other countries and spending time with her mother and father, she was something of the impulsive sort, and in response to hearing that she would be separated from her parents as they continue their careers, her reaction was to separate them herself, without being forced to attend a boarding school she genuinely knew nothing about beyond culturally confused conceptions and stereotypes.

The ensuing day was hard on her frail youthful body, losing what few possessions she put in her backpack along the way, along with the backpack itself, which was torn up by a particularly nefarious bush. Now, she was thirsty, hungry, and in dire need of a long nap, all of which she hoped would be satiated by pillaging whatever she could find in this home. But operating under the assumption that this home was occupied, as homes commonly are, especially late at night, she proceeded to call out for its residents.

“Hey, anybody here? I needs some food and water!” She shouted in her shrill lipsy voice, its clarity impaired by spending half a day in a makeshift humid oven, and by a muddled accent of sorts. Still, it was enough to garner some reaction, which only left Abi surprised when she was met with the sound of ambiance.

“Huh… guess I can just help myself to your food… fart yeah!” Abi said with more than a modicum of joy as she kicked off her dirt encrusted shoes, and began placing her bare feet on the tile floor of the nearby kitchen, taking delight in the chill provided by the linoleum tile.

Her attention was then drawn to a half-empty glass of water, originally left by Jessie, which Abi proceeded to down in a series of gulps, letting out a reflexive sigh before pausing once more to take in the sights around her. Or more specifically smells, as Abi’s nose led her to the oven, which emitted the scent of baked meat. A smell that, like most people, Abi was quite familiar with, and after grabbing a conveniently placed chair to prop herself up onto the counter, she turned off the oven like how her mother showed her, and proceeded to open up the appliance. There, she was met with a well baked corpse with a layer of charred remains over its body, obscuring their identity, and making them borderline unrecognizable as a person. It was a horrific sight that would have bred disgust in anybody, but Abi didn’t quite see it for what it was.

“Oh snaps! Somebody was making one big old pig! Well sorry ya poopy scoopy, but I’m gonna eat all of yer pig, and you can’t stop me! ‘Cos you’re not here!”

With a meal before her, Abi began looking throughout the many drawers of the kitchen for some tools, eventually finding some oven mitts that fit her petite little hands about as well as one would think, along with a fork and knife to slice up Vice’s original body. Practically salivating at the food before her, Abi quickly yanked out the baked corpse and began examining it closely, looking for the best place to make an incision and eat from. The form confused her at first, particularly the head, but she paid that little mind as she circled around the flesh for something good to eat, her eye eventually landing on the tube-shaped piece of meat between what would have been the body’s legs.

“Huh, did some weirdo put a hot dog in with the piggy? Oh well, I’m sure it will be yummers!” Abi said as she began slicing her way through a human penis.

Abi momentarily examined the well-baked sexual organ as she spun it on her fork before jamming it in her mouth, biting and chewing the flesh, only for her face to sour after a few bites.

“It tastes like a funky thing… but I am super hungry and it’s better than the bad restaurant we went to back in the Philippines. It gave me super bad poops for the next week and I had to go to that mean doctor. He was the real poop!” Abi exclaimed to the corpse she was devouring.

Having already fallen down the slippery slope of accidental cannibalism, Abi soon went in for seconds, choosing to dig in and consume part of a thigh, which she inexpertly tried cutting before throwing her utensils aside and eating the ‘pig’ before her like a little piggy, biting and gnawing at whatever edibles laid before her. However, she only got a dozen or so big bites in before she had her fill of this ‘funky-tasting pig,’ and began to perusing around the kitchen, quickly stumbling onto a jar of pickles she stuck her dirty little fingers in, munching her way through a bag of chips and tearing open a box of cookies she ate approximately 3 servings of before her tummy finally told her to stop. After enjoying another glass of tap water, which she only accessed by crawling around on the kitchen counter, Abi was finally satiated and found her eyes drooping, indicating that it was time for a nap.

For while Abi would have never admitted to liking maps, she knew she was at her limit, and with fatigue covering her being, a nap, or possibly just going to sleep, since it was almost her bedtime after all. She began exploring this home beyond the kitchen, looking for a bed she could borrow, but only a few steps into this pursuit, she stumbled onto something that put a wrench in her plans. The sound of police sirens. Though the sound varies all over the world, it was a universal concept that a high pitched wailing noise drawing near was a sign that trouble was afoot. Abi assumed that she was the trouble, that the police had somehow found her and were preparing to rob her of her newfound freedom, that they would put her on the path that would have her live at a school for the majority of her childhood, and she was having none of that.

“Screw you, fuzzies! You’ll never take me alive!” Abi shouted at the approaching sound, trying to sound intimidating by paraphrasing something she heard on TV when she first arrived in the United States.

Opting to hide rather than attempt a last stand with the aid of kitchen utensils, Abi began dashing through the home in search of an adequate hiding spot, eventually settling on an innocuous door beneath the stairwell that led to the basement of the home. She promptly shut the door behind her and pulled the light switch, only for the bulb to burst following a single flash of light. The flash caused Abi let out a shrill scream as she fumbled down the stairs, narrowly avoiding many shards of glass, and instead only getting another layer of bruises over her bottom. A painful experience that would have caused tears to leak from any other child her age, but after such an arduous and painful day, Abi recovered from the fall expediently.

As she felt her way to a secure hiding spot in this dark dwelling, the sound of the sirens stopped, and the police car’s driver made their way through the unlocked door. In many ways, they served as an opposite to Abi, being a tall man, age 20, with a chiseled face, well-kempt blonde hair, and a hardened muscular physique.

As he began taking his first steps into the home, his mind quickly reviewed the situation. One hour ago the Murinova police station was notified that a dangerous individual imprisoned within the outskirts of this town had escaped from a secure confinement. The very existence of this individual came as a surprise to most recipients, delaying their response time after their attempts to contact this individual’s residence failed. Being an understaffed police station in what was openly considered a hick town, the Murinova police department elected to send a young yet promising recruit by the name of Yuccot Kikansky to investigate this dire situation, alone.

Being aware of the potential dangers of this situation, Yuccot entered this building with her handgun out in the event that he was immediately ambushed by a lightly detailed dangerous sociopath. They felt as if they knew what they could expect, but such confidence immediately crumbled away once Yuccot made his way to the kitchen, where he saw the charred remains of a human being poking out of an oven.

“The fuck is going on here?” Yuccot verbalized under his breath.

In the rushed briefing on the situation, Yuccot was only informed that the dangerous individual in question was male and that they had a female caretaker. Looking at the corpse, he did not get enough visual information to discern things one way or another, and not being accustomed to the sight of naked baked bodies, he struggled to investigate it proficiently. Especially when there very well could have been an unchecked murderer, lurking in the shadows, ready to assault him at any moment. With a heavy sigh, Yuccot clutched his walkie-talkie and reported his findings to the department proper.

“I found a dead body in the oven. It’s burnt so I can’t tell who it is… You know, when I took this job I thought that places like this were the last place on earth where you could avoid running into twisted shit like this. But no, I guess fuck-os don’t know any borders or boundaries, now do they?” Yuccot muttered, attempting to alleviate the tension and maintain his cool.

With the update out of the way, Yuccot began to search through the kitchen, wondering if any other bodies were stuffed anywhere, but naturally found nothing aside from crumbs, a sliced straight jacket, and peculiar piece of headgear. His search through the ground level was similarly uneventful, with nothing suspicious beyond a packed suitcase of clothes and personal belongings and a broken bathroom mirror. Yuccot was sure that something “beyond fucked” happened here, but could not pierce things together. They then made their way to the upper level, similarly finding little of note. The rooms were all empty, and there were no signs of a struggle of any sorts to be found in Vice’s open prison. Just the scent of bodily funk, feces, and a tucked away security camera that existed only to ensure that this room did not remain unoccupied for more than an hour.

Having exhausted even more options, Yuccot reported their findings back to the station yet again, only to be informed that this place had a basement as well. And sure enough, there was a trail of crumbs leading from the kitchen to the basement. After cursing at himself for ignoring something so obvious, Yuccot proceeded to open the door slowly, pulling out his flashlight after seeing the shattered bulb dangling from the ceiling.

“Murinova police! Come out with your hands up!” Yuccot shouted down the basement, only to be met with the sound of silence.

Not dissuaded, they continued their trek down the stairs, his shoes crunching against the glass shards as they tried their best to illuminate their surroundings. With a number of metal shelves, including a makeshift wall storage wall in the middle of this single-room basement, there existed a number of potential hiding places for the suspect. This worried Yuccot, due to his lack of any backup, but he still managed to retain his cool as he began shining his light throughout the basement, in search of something noteworthy. Seconds into his search, Yuccot cast his flashlight over an innocuous rag on top of a box. It seemingly twitched and shifted, as if a rat were underneath it. Yet as Yuccot moved closer in order to confirm his suspicions, the rag leapt away from him, and dashed from one side of the wall of shelves to the other. Its rapid movement worried Yuccot, having lost track of the rag in an instant, but he quickly found it upon turning to the other side of the shelf, where he saw the rag over Abi’s face, suffocating the young girl.

Holstering his weapon, Yuccot rushed over to aid the screaming child, and grabbed the rag with both hands. As his skin made contact, a sharp burning sensation began rushing through his fingers and up his arms. The burning sensation soon resonated across his entire being, causing him to unleash a guttural yell as a searing white light flooded the basement.

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